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Confidence in Playing
What I Can Offer
If you already play and want to improve I will help you to:

  • be clear about your goals, so you can focus your energy
  • develop your skills, so you can make real progress
  • be clear about what means most to you, so you can stay motivated
  • gain confidence in your strengths so you can build on them
If you haven't started to play yet I will help you to:
  • choose an instrument that suits you
  • develop a good technique, so you don't have to unlearn bad habits later
  • develop your musical ear, so you can hear more acutely
  • learn music that you really like, so you enjoy practising
  • gain confidence so you can learn in  your own way
  • understand why some things sound better than others
  • learn to read musical notation, tablature and chord charts - if you wish
In either case, I will help you to enjoy what we do because making music is wonderful fun.